Our Thinking Community

Pathways and Approaches to Foster a Thinking Community

The Thinking Council – please see the separate tab for information about this pupil voice forum.

The Thinking Drive Team – please see the separate tab for information about of Thinking Drive Team.

The 4Cs

This is an approach to fostering certain dispositions within our thinkers. We aim to ensure that all thinkers within our community have the opportunity to develop and demonstrate caring, collaborative, critical and creative thinking. For details about each of the 4Cs, please see our ‘Thinking Council’ tab where the Thinking Chairs have set out a summary of these.

Visual Mapping

Although there are several visual mapping tools that are available, we have chosen to use David Hyerle’s Thinking Maps. These provide a universal language by which thinkers can map their thoughts in a range of contexts. The approach focussing on the eight thinking processes with a corresponding map for each of these. For a summary of the thinking processes and maps, please click here.

Thinker’s Keys

We use Tony Ryan’s Thinker’s Keys alongside the other approaches to secure our aim of developing the 4Cs in all thinkers here at Whittingham. There are twenty keys in total, each providing a fun and engaging way for learners to access a range of thinking skills and processes. For a summary of each of the Thinker’s Keys, please click here.

Coming Soon

As our next pathway, we have chosen to pursue ‘Questioning for Enquiry’. This will enable us to develop inquisitive and curious thinkers through an open-ended and philosophical approach to enquiry based learning. Please check our ‘News’ and ‘Thinking Council’ page for updates on our new, exciting project.

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