School Uniform

School Uniform is compulsory for all pupils as it makes children identifiable as attending Whittingham Primary Academy. Wearing a school uniform in the school colours and with our badge also provides a sense of belonging and pride in our school.

School uniform is no longer available from the school office and can be purchased directly from Tesco with free home delivery using the toolbar at the top of this page. Alternatively, school uniform can be purchased from Fashion Fair on Walthamstow High Street.


PE uniform for boys and girls:

A white T-shirt.

Red shorts.

A plain tracksuit for colder days.

Plain trainers, preferably with velcro.

 All children must use the school's book and PE bags.

Boys uniform:

A white polo shirt with a red sweatshirt.

Grey trousers or shorts (in summer).

Girls uniform:

A white polo shirt with a red sweatshirt.

A grey skirt or pinafore.

A red and white gingham dress (in summer).

Plain white, red or grey tights.

A plain red, white or grey headscarf.

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